Rainbow Silhouette World
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Old Train Station B



Rainbow Silhouette World (きらきら, Kirakira, Glitter) is an area accessible from Old Train Station B.


In version 0.001f, this area is accessible only by sitting next to a creature at the subway car in Old Train Station B and wait for 1-2 minutes and exit the subway car.

When you enter the area, the screen will have a big rainbow vine frame. Urotsuki (as well as the land) will only appear as silhouette and leave multi-color tracks when she walks. The area itself contains colorful scribble-like plants, fishes, and trees. To the east from the entrance, there's a giant clock with no hands. There's also a big fish flying to the left.

There's also a tunnel which leads to a blue room that kind of looks like an aquarium / a zoo where you'll see some small cages and a big cage with a dinosaur-like creature, and a white silhouette of a girl that looks like Urotsuki (see the picture below).

Note that all things including the tunnel, the bench, etc. are also presented in black and colors scribble, except the small building where you first came in.


Urotsuki's Dream Room → Mirror RoomOld Train Station B → Rainbow Silhouette World

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