Red Lily Lake
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WP #176



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Graveyard World, Candy World, Cloud Floor NoEntry, Butterfly Forest, Red Sky Cliff NoEntry



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The Red Lily Lake (彼岸花, Higanbana, Red Spider Lily) is an area accessible from the blue lotus in Graveyard World.


This area is filled with reflections of many plants that look like red spider lilies. To the east of where you enter from Graveyard World is a red butterfly that will take you to the Butterfly Forest.

Just northwest of where you enter is an upright lily. If Urotsuki interacts with this lily the screen will turn red and blood will come out, similar to chainsawing a NPC, and the entire area will be tinted red.

While tinted red, a blue lotus will appear south of the upright lily that will take you back to the gravestone in Graveyard World, and if you have read the Chainsaw book in the Fantasy Library, using the Glasses effect will reveal a large number of angel-shaped silhouettes scattered across the map. Interacting with one of them will make the screen flash red and teleport you to the Butterfly Forest.

If you interact with the upright lily again with the Child effect equipped, the lake will invert, all of the lilies will become upright and the world will become much brighter.

While the lake is inverted, a bright green wisp can be found wandering the area, interacting with it will teleport you to Candy World. However, this also causes the lotus back to Graveyard World to disappear. You can make the Graveyard World lotus reappear by turning the world back upside-down again, which can be done by interacting again with the same lily that was always right-side up.

If you enter this area after killing the candle creature in Neon Candle World, a very fast silhouette of the nine-tailed fox from the Fantasy Library will catch you and send you to an inescapable area at the bottom of the Red Sky Cliff.


Nexus → Graveyard World → Red Lily Lake