Saturated Eyeball Zone
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Connecting Areas

Spelling Room, Sky KingdomNoReturn, NetherworldNoReturn, Geometry World


bgm-c (slow)

Map ID

0270, 0591, 0592

The Saturated Eyeball Zone (彩愛蝶, Sai Ai Chou, Vivid Love Butterfly) is an area accessible from the Geometry World.


Map of the Saturated Eyeball Zone


The whole are is filled with red, yellow and blue eyes, found either on the ground, black blocks or sign-like objects. The design of the streets is similar to the designs in Geometry World. To navigate through the area, you have to use colored teleporters.

The red, yellow and blue eyeball creatures will spin/jump when using the Fairy and Spring effect. Equipping the Wolf effect makes them stop and stare at you, but when using it they frantically run away.

There are several buildings that can be entered, the first being the connection to Geometry World. The two houses in the smaller areas are inhabited by eyeball creatures. The house in the north of the biggest area has an abyss in it that you can jump into. Once at the bottom, you won't be able to go back up, but there is a door that lets you fall down to the Netherworld. Located in the center of the largest area is some kind of elevator that goes up for a one-way trip to the Sky Kingdom. The last building you can enter can be found in the west of the largest area and contains a humanoid creatur with 3 eyes. It reacts to some effects, but the most interesting here is the Chainsaw. If you kill him, he will vanish with a sinister laugh and you will be rewarded with a Menu Theme. However, this NPC dies permanently and as the menu skin is not selectable at the computer, you can get it only once.

Two of the teleporters transport you to a different map. The one in the north of the area you first enter from Geometry World connects to the Spelling Room and the other one near the house that leads to the Netherworld transports you to a black beach with purple water and twin mountains in the background, similar to those seen from Urotsuki's Balcony.


Nexus → Geometry World → Saturated Eyeball Zone