Sea of Clouds
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Connecting Areas

Flesh Paths World, Sepia Clouds World



The Sea of Clouds (雲海, Unkai) is an area accessible from Flesh Paths World by walking into the mouth of the monochrome head.


The Sea of clouds is a small monochrome area featuring white palm trees, bushes and boulders on a sizeable island in the sky, with round fluffy-looking edges. There are a few isometric buildings on the main island, but only one on the north side is currently enterable.

Inside, the building houses a statue-like npc and is rather bleakly furnished, looking more like some kind of prison with only a table and chair below a barred-up window, a bath in the corner, and a blocky-looking bed with tally marks scratched into the wall above it.

On the right side of the room there is a small hole in the wall. Interacting with it with either the fairy or child effects equipped will take you to Sepia Clouds World

There is also a long bridge blocked by cones on the first island leading to another larger island that is currently Under Construction.


Nexus → Geometry WorldIntestines MazeFlesh Paths World → Sea of Clouds

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