Seaside Village
Seashore village
Ah, what wouldn't I give to live in a place like this...
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Connecting Areas

Rapeseed Fields, Mosenite, Lotus Waters



The Seaside Village (浜と瓦屋根, Hama to kawara yane, Beach and Tiled roof) is an area accessible through the blue leg-lamp in the Rapeseed Fields and the ornate building in the Lotus Waters.


There are a few features in this map, including a few inhabitants. From the entrance from Mosenite, there is a girl sitting on a bench immediately to the right with a spinning head. She reacts to the following effects:

  • Boy  - stops spinning when you sit for a short time
  • Chainsaw - spins faster upon equipping
  • Crossing - Stops spinning once used until you unequip the effect

Further to the right is what appears to be a man with a bag for a head. Chainsawing him will cause him to lose his head, which will remain where you were standing when you Chainsawed him.

You can reach the sea by going through a gap between the houses directly south of the door and following the stairs all the way down, where the music will be replaced by the sound of the waves. There is an entrance to Lotus Waters here.


Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldBridged Swamp IslandsMosenite → Seaside Village

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