Sepia Clouds World
Sepia block
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Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Sea of Clouds, Spelling Room



Map ID

0593, 0595

Sepia Clouds World (水面, Suimen, Water's Surface) is a world accessible from the Sea of Clouds through the hole in the statue's house.


Sepia Clouds World is a large scrolling area covered by a large expanse of water, reflecting the cloudy sky above. The entire area is bathed in a sepia glow, and many strange helix shapes can be found around the area rising up out of the water, along with large geometric patterns floating above the water's surface.

Various NPCs can be found throughout the area, including many creatures that look like bowls with small legs, and a duck-like creature with large eyes who will run up to Urotsuki and then run away again if she gets close to it.

Southwest of the entrance block from the Sea of clouds, a smiling creature with very long legs can be found standing beneath an extremely tall sign with an eyeball logo on it. If you equip the chainsaw effect or howl with the wolf effect it will perform some kind of dance.

Northwest of the entrance block there is some kind of convenience store adorned with the same eyeball logo, which is sectioned off with cones and presumably Under Construction.

A short distance south-southwest of the entrance block there is a featureless black doorway that will take you to the Spelling Room.


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