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Connecting Areas

Japan Town, Dark Room, Rough Ash World, Monochrome Feudal Japan


903-suna001 (Outside), SE大雨 (Inside)

Map ID

0054, 0057

The Sewers (ダム, Damu, Dam) is an area accessible from the Dark Room in Marijuana Goddess World.


As you enter, the area is rather dark and dismal with sewer pipes below the path you are riding on. It is also raining, but you can change that by using the Rainbow effect. Once used, a rainbow will appear over you and the rain will stop. There is a big flight of stairs at the end of the path which will take you lower down. You can get down faster using the Spring Effect to jump down the stairs (from the left side).


Inside the Sewers

There is a waterfall on the next path that you can see Urotsuki through if you pass underneath it. The main area of the sewers has dark water with red hands coming out of it. At the end of one of the paths, there are two red creatures kissing one another. Occasionally, one of them will disappear and the other will be sadly opening and closing its mouth. There is also a blue head in the water and a shadowed plant-like creature in the background. As you carry on, there is a ladder leading up to Japan Town.

If you go down to the bar in Japan Town and equip the Lantern effect, you can see that you are able to go on the path beside the staircase leading down to the bar. If you follow that path (which has lotus flowers floating around it), you will come to a staircase with statues of the deity from Marijuana Goddess World by it. When you go up the staircase, it transports you to Rough Ash World. If you go left, however, you will be transported to Monochrome Feudal Japan.


Nexus → Marijuana Goddess WorldDark Room → Sewers


  • On the top level of the sewers, just above the zig-zagging flight of stairs to the lower floor, is an inaccessible ledge with a large red object partially visible on it. This object is actually an enormous red hand which currently cannot be fully seen in-game through normal means.

    The huge hand in its entirety.