Shield Owl World
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The Nexus, Flooded Baths, Downfall Garden, River Road NoReturn


2_21, 2_2 (Monochrome Stairs), bluetile_moon (Prismatic Tent)

Map ID

0491, 0493, 0495

Shield Owl World (盾梟世界, Tate Fukurō Sekai) is one of the main worlds accessible from The Nexus.


Shield Owl World is a large scrolling world filled with checkered isometric walkways, and is home to many large multicolored owl people. The area is decorated by dead trees, grass, and pools of strange red water.

This area highly resembles Shield Folk World from Yume nikki, containing similar geometric tribal people.

Just northwest of the entrance is a strange white hole in the ground, leading down to a monochrome staircase. At the bottom of the staircase there is a large human-like creature with an open wound, surrounded by black pools of blood. Going into it will take you to the Flooded Baths.

Down to the southeast of the entrance is a strange formation of red vines, which Urotsuki can use as a seat, and a pair of purple pillars.

Walking through the pillars will take you to a small clearing in a forest of purple claw-like trees. At the bottom-right of the clearing is an obscured path through the claw-trees, branching in many different directions away from the clearing.

Following the paths up towards the northeast will lead you to a lone shield owl man, lost in the forest. If you chainsaw it, the pattern on its body will invert colors.

Moving down the southeast path from the clearing will lead you to another open area where a neon plant creature can be found wandering around. There are two paths branching from this area, one directly to the south and one off to the west which leads to a little area with a sane shadow lady.

Down the southern path is another fork in the road, with a densely covered path immediately to the right leading to a small pink bear carrying a white spear. When interacted with, it will take you to the upper part of the River Road. This path is one-way.

To the left of the hidden path is a more open one leading down past the shadow lady to another clearing with four pointy purple tents. Entering the tent with the doorway will take you to the Prismatic Tent

Prismatic TentEdit

Inside, the Prismatic Tent is a rather large, angular structure with vibrant iridescent walls, which are constantly shifting in color.

Other tents can be seen beyond its psychedelic confines, changing colors with the walls.

There is only one door in the tent, located at the top of the furthest northeast corridor, which will take you to The Downfall Garden.


Nexus → Shield Owl World


  • There is a chance that two Shadow ??? chasers will appear in the claw-tree forest clearing and slowly chase after Urotsuki.