Shogi Board
Shogi Board
The coolest board game ever!!
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Circuit Board NoEntry, Othello Board



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The Shogi Board (棋上の空路) is an area accessible by jumping in the giant hole in the Circuit Board.


The Shogi Board is a relatively small and empty world. It resembles an infinitely large board for the game Shogi, filled with pieces of many different sizes. Silhouettes of various airships occasionally fly overhead, and the unmarked small and medium pieces form walls, making this area a bit of a maze.

Larger pieces marked with symbols from Shogi- such as the King (王將), the Rook (飛車), the Bishop (角行) and several smaller Pawn (歩) pieces- lay scattered around the area. When interacted with, a pawn piece will disappear and be promoted to a Tokin (と) piece. When promoted to a tokin there is a chance you will receive 500 yen. This can occur multiple times, and so is an effective way of amassing wealth. When the child effect in use, pictures will replace the writing on marked pieces. The King will become a crown, the bishop a (unknown), the rook an airplane, the pawn a pair of footsteps, and the tokin a yen symbol. When the glasses effect is used all unmarked pieces will become invisible and the symbol will disappear off marked pieces. The piece with the picture of a pillow functions as a bench. When interacting with the King you will be taken to the Othello Board.


This world has absolutely no ambient BGM whatsoever, and is one of only a few worlds with this property. Others include Old Train Station B and the Crying Eyes cave in Cloudy World.


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