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Sign World
Basic Info



WP #25, Kura Puzzle #3



Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Bug Maze, Power Plant, Teleport Maze, Haniwa Temple, Valentine Land


rec2 (normal) rec2 (fast)

Sign World (標識世界, Hyoshiki Sekai) is a colorful world accessible from several different areas, such as the Bug Maze.



The pyramid.

The most prominent feature of Sign World is the yellow and gray pyramid, which plays a significant role both in obtaining the Haniwa effect from the Haniwa Temple and in reaching the Power Plant. The pyramid can be reached by traveling northwest from the Bug Maze entrance. When walking up the steps of it, you will notice a strange brown flying monster that disappears when you reach the top. The layout below has now changed. By interacting with all of the moving translucent balls, you will be teleported to the Power Plant. The gray stones to the left of the pyramid will transport you to the Haniwa Temple.

By traveling south from the Bug Maze entrance, then heading east after reaching the second sign, you'll find a portal to a small room with a moving heart. Interacting with the heart takes you to Valentine Land.

A sign that drops Urotsuki into the Teleport Maze can be found by traveling directly north from the portal to the heart room. It's easy to spot, as it's blue and white versus the grey and yellow of the other signs.

If you travel north from the Bug Maze entrance, then change to west after seeing 5 signs, you'll find a red smiling face next to a frowning sign. Interacting with the sign will result in Urotsuki being teleported into an enclosed area filled with frowning signs with a faster version of Sign World's music playing. Access to the menu is disabled here. After a moment, all of the signs and Urotsuki will fade to white, and Urotsuki will appear in front of a crescent-shaped fragment of a smiling face.


Nexus → Mushroom WorldBug Maze → Sign World


  • The pyramid's lines are really vertical but they look slanted due to an optical illusion and it almost looks like this picture below the pyramid picture.

    Does this look familiar to you?

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