Sky Kingdom
Higher than cloud nine!
Basic Info



WP #59



Notable NPCS

Dogboa, Mysterious Maid

Connecting Areas

Art Gallery, Apartments, Ecstasy World, Saturated Eyeball Zone NoEntry



The Sky Kingdom (天国門, Tengoku-mon, Heaven's gate) is an area accessible from one of the paintings in the Art Gallery and from the Apartments.


The kingdom contains floating blue tiles with holes in them that serve as the floor, along with several pillars scattered about.There is also a bench that you can sit on next to a Vending Machine.

Near the bench area is an eastbound path that leads to Ecstasy World, while the north western path leads to the Art Gallery and Dogboa's ledge. The Mysterious Maid may show up on the latter.

If you enter from the Apartments, you need to chainsaw your way past the guards to open the door. Once they're gone, you can get to the other side.

The creatures that inhabit the world are mainly people that resemble Teletubbies and moving puddles with faces on them. There is also Dogboa (a canine version of Uboa from Yume Nikki), who you can see across the ledge with the dog sign on it, moving quickly in an inaccessible area.


Nexus → Garden WorldBlue ForestArt Gallery → Sky Kingdom

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