Snowy Pipe Organ
Please notice me senpai.... and play the organ!
Basic Info



WP #18, #48; KP #14



Notable NPCS

Blue Beret Sister

Connecting Areas

Dark Room, Atlantis, Butterfly Forest NoEntry



The Snowy Pipe Organ (パイプオルガン, Paipuorugan, Pipe Organ) is a small area accessible from the Dark Room.


This area contains a large set of pipes normally seen on a church organ with a railed walkway in front of them. It is also snowing, and if you use the Rainbow effect in this area, a rainbow will appear above you (and you will also gain a new wallpaper).

The second of the Beret Sisters can be found here, and when you interact with her, the pipes blow out steam. She is also obstructing the route to a large column with a doorway on it. Using the Boy or the School Boy effect will make her move out of your way. You can also get past her using the Bat effect. Through this doorway is a grand piano surrounded by pastel water, where you will land if you enter from the Butterfly Forest. Touching it will send you to Atlantis.


Nexus → Marijuana Goddess WorldDark Room → Snowy Pipe Organ

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