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Soldier Row
Land of the rising lobster
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Connecting Areas

Laboratory NoEntry, Intestines Maze



Soldier Row (士官達, Shikan-tachi, Officers) is a small scrolling area accessible from the Laboratory's cave system and the Intestines Maze.


The laboratory entrance leads here.


The Intestines Maze portal.


Soldier Row is a long, horizontal red framework of sorts, featuring what appear to be gigantic soldiers in the background standing at attention. There are twelve soldiers total, each wearing a white veil painted with a different symbol. The sixth soldier from the left has a red veil instead of a white one, and the last soldier has no symbol painted over his, although this cannot be seen in-game as the red framework doesn't extend far enough.

Entering this area from the Laboratory will place Urotsuki at the far left of the framework with no way to go back. At the far right is a portal to the Intestines Maze.

The only other notable feature is an orange traffic cone at the very extreme left of the framework, on a platform that cannot be reached. The area also features an unusual dark blue tint.

When you enter this area, you can read a new book in Library. The first sentence is "共食いなさるなご両人", means "Don't eat each other, two of you". This book is comprised of rhythms containing seven and five syllables, written in somewhat old Japanese.


Nexus → Geometry WorldBroken Faces AreaLaboratory → Soldier Row


Among the data files, there's a sprite sheet with an (unused) sprite of one of these soldiers. When viewed from side, it seems that they are actually human, wearing some kind of mask.

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