Star Ocean
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Atlantis, Rusted City


185Go_Sea_map3 (entrance), 185Go_Sea_map4, 185Go_Seasponge_map (Sea Sponge Path)

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0203, 0204, 0205, 0206

The Star Ocean (深海, Shinkai, Deep Sea) is an area accessible through the cavern at the bottom of the trench in Atlantis.


The Star Ocean is a large vertically scrolling area deep under the sea, dimly lit by blue bio-luminescent coral reminiscent of the kind growing in the reef above. Smaller glowing plants can also be found throughout the area, along with patches of white sand in various patterns and air bubbles floating up from below.

The background in this area is filled with shining blue stars and schools of jellyfish seem to inhabit the area, living alongside spinning diamond creatures that make piano sounds when interacted with.

From the cavern entrance leading out through a corridor of coral, the area is fairly open up until the far right end where the glowing coral forms a dense wall. There is one point in the coral that you can navigate through, leading into a narrow path with coral walls on the other side.

At the end of the path is a single spinning diamond that will illuminate the entire area, and make a doorway appear on a large cluster of coral just south of the entrance from the trench.

Going through the door will place Urotsuki in the water of a dark beach surrounded by glowing coral, with a large yellow mass lying on the beach with a doorway in the side that will take you to the Sea Sponge Path. (海綿, Kaimen, Sea Sponge)

Sea Sponge PathEdit

On the other side of the doorway is a long white path decorated with yellow chromosome-looking sponges. At the end of the path is a bench and vending machine, sitting infront of a giant sponge-tree. A ladder can be found behind the giant sponge, leading up to the Rusted City.


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  • Only the penguin and space suit effects are usable in this area.
  • Some of the patterns formed by the white sand here resemble seeds for iconic patterns from Conway's Game of Life, including seeds for the iconic "Pulsar", "Pentadecathlon", and "R-Pentomino"
  • If you return here from Rusted City, the music in the Sea Sponge Path will not play unless you reenter it once you've passed all the way through.