Sugar World
Sugar World
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Notable NPCS

Green-haired boy

Connecting Areas

GALAXY Town, False Shoal NoReturn



Map ID

0486, 0490, 0654

Sugar World (シュガー, Shuga, Sugar) is an area accessible by turning on the lamp in GALAXY Town. Various desserts and candy can be found scattered throughout the map.


As its name implies, Sugar World is sweets-themed, perhaps a memory of an old birthday party. The ground is pink with frosting, and things like strawberries, jellybeans, and dollops of frosting litter the terrain. Large holes and cracks can be found in the ground; one of them contains a ladder which leads down into the Sugary Depths (死販, Shiban, Death Trade).

There is a large cake as well as two NPC's wandering about the area: one green-schemed boy and one orange-schemed girl. In addition, Candyhead can be found here. She is immune to power tools (Although she will still bleed), and if you equip the Child effect, she will shift her eyes so that one looks down and the other straight at the player.

Sugary DepthsEdit

This is a darker, looping world with slowed- down music, with purple icing instead of pink and many red hands scattered around the world, similar to the ones in Yume Nikki's Eyeball World. Multiple creepy, sugary blobs with arms and faces scatter the area, which can be entered if attacked in the face. One of them is found just southwest of the entrance, and contains a portal to the False Shoal.

Somewhere in here is a large, spindly man chewing on a swirly cake, or maybe a birthday candle. He flashes, very much similar to Strober or Flashing Trombonist, but unfortunately, the similarities to either NPC do not go far enough so as to grant Urotsuki an effect upon interacting with him. 


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