Tapir-San's Place
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WP #26, #88, Kura Puzzle #8



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Atlantis, Space


yumenikkig_uljp00129 no name 2-169 (Main Area), qs0UrDFJ-bgm007 (Eyeball Ladder)

Tapir-San's Place (バク, Baku, Tapir) is an area accessible from one of the buildings in Atlantis.


When you go through the doorway, it leads you to a tall ladder with many eyeballs on wavy stalks coming out of the walls surrounding it. The actual entrance to the house is through the purple star-covered tower at the top of the ladder. If you angered the clowns before but managed to escape, one of them will climb after you here, and there is no way to avoid it but to keep climbing.

When you enter the tower, you can see Tapir-San sitting at a table with his back facing you in a dark blue room with two windows and stars on the wall.

If you chainsaw Tapir-San's back you can create a hole. Repeatedly chainsawing him will increase the size of the hole, and if you equip the Spacesuit effect and interact with the hole, you will be sent into Space.

The next room has teal walls with strange explosion patterns on them. There are also two yellow seats. On one of them is Yume from the Dark Room, and you can sit on the other. There is a chance that a ghostly Urotsuki will be lying in the middle of the floor here.


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