Teleport Maze
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Basic Info



WP #76



Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Sign World, Realistic Beach


ループ「青光」By音師竹内, 626_seagull (White Beach)

The Teleport Maze (ワープ, Wāpu, Warp) is an area accessible from the blue signpost in Sign World.


Similar to the teleport maze in Yume Nikki, this area contains blue floating blocks of various shapes with light blue portals, shaped like rhombi. Pure white ones will lead to unique areas as opposed to somewhere else in the maze.

There are two white portals in this area which take you to other locations. To get to the first one, from Sign World's entry point, enter the teleporters in this order: right, right, up, right and right. You should be at a star-shaped block. The white teleporter here transports you to the White Beach: a small area that appears to be a simpler version of the Realistic Beach, accompanied by a sand castle. Interacting with the wolf boy pacing about on the shore gives you the Wolf effect.

The second portal leads to the Realistic Beach. By searching around, you should find a small block with two teleporters on it (including the one you are standing on). Stepping on the white one will take you there.


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