The Circus
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WP #109


Clowns at the Circus

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Shinto Shrine



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0154, 0157

The Circus (ルーシアテント, Rūshiatento, Lucia's Tents) is an area accessible from the smaller building in the Shinto Shrine.


Entering the area from the Shinto Shrine, you are placed in a white alleyway with black faces painted on the walls. If you go into the moving mouth further down, you will be transported to the Circus itself.

The Circus area has a number of multi-colored circus tents on a grassy field with brown boxes blocking off certain places. One of the tents is open.

Upon entering the open tent, you will see a small white-haired doll on a nightstand in the corner of the room next to two beds. However, when you get near it, the screen will go black and a clown will appear and try to catch you. If you manage to evade it and make it to the tent's entrance, the outside area will now be swarming with clowns, making the area now extremely hard to escape without touching one of them and getting sent to a closed off area.

Alternatively while in the alley, if you walk past the entrance to the Circus, you will come across a long pastel-coloured set of stairs, leading up to a separate room of the Shinto Shrine with a red tree-like structure with a black eyeball in the center.


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