The Deciding Street
The Deciding Street
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Notable NPCS

Pole Man

Connecting Areas

Heart World, Dizzy Spirals World, Netherworld NoReturn



The Deciding Street (順番待ち, Junban-machi, Wait Your Turn) is an area accessible from Heart World.


The area is simply a T-junction with yellow paving stones and pinkish buildings. There are a number of grey people lining up in front of a counter where a blue blob creature with one eye seems to be telling them which way to go.

The path to the left will transport you to Dizzy Spirals World. The path to the right will lead you to the Netherworld, from whence there is no return.

In this area, you cannot use any effects or gain access to the menu screen.

The BazaarEdit

You can enter the Bazaar by going into the building on the left of the path to the blob. It is a small area with a telephone and a purple person.

In this area, you are able to access your menu screen again. You can get the Twintails effect by using the Telephone effect while in the building. The purple person will answer you and give you the effect.


Nexus → Heart World → The Deciding Street

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