The Hand Hub
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Christmas World, Shinto Shrine, Bug Maze, Dizzy Spirals World, Pastel Blue House, Garden World, The Baddies Bar, Maple Shrine, Digital Hand Hub NoEntry



The Hand Hub (青い腕の通路, Aoi Ude No Tsūro, Blue Arm Passage) is an area accessible from a number of locations.


The Hand Hub is a central hub between worlds, shaped like a deformed blue arm with area portals in its fingertips.

The portals in this area lead to the following locations:

The portal in the top left finger takes you to the Bug Maze, and the portal in the finger opposite that will lead to Christmas World. The portal to the Bug Maze has a small chance to teleport you to an area with monochrome colored butterflies and some tree clusters.

The portal in the middle finger will take you to the Shinto Shrine, where the Maiko effect can be found. It has a small chance to take you to the Maple Shrine instead.

The portal at the very bottom of the arm will take you to one of four locations: Dizzy Spirals World, the rooftop of the Pastel Blue House, a room in Garden World, next to a bench in the Sky Kingdom or The Baddies Bar.

There is also a blue robot walking around near the bottom of the area, and occasionally a white and blue robot lady smoking in the top right finger of the hand.


Nexus → Mushroom WorldBug Maze → The Hand Hub


How to get to the Hand Hub (outdated)

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