The Nexus
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Connecting Areas

Purple World, Red Streetlight World, Library, Marijuana Goddess World, Urotsuki's Dream Apartments, Forest World, Garden World, Mushroom World, Heart World, Geometry World, Graveyard World, Toy World, Shield Owl World




Concept art for the tribal background

The Nexus is a single area located behind Urotsuki's dream bedroom door. It serves as the central hub of Urotsuki's dreams, eventually connecting to all of the different areas in the dream world through its initial locations.

The Nexus appears as an open, uncluttered looping area populated with many 'doors' to different dream worlds, with a scrolling floor of either a monochromatic tribal background or a dark blue field of squares.

While most Nexuses in Yume Nikki fangames are silent circles of doors, Yume 2kki's Nexus features shifting ambient music in the background.

By using the Eyeball Bomb effect while exploring Urotsuki's dream world, you can teleport back here without having to wake up.

At the moment, there are 15 external worlds accessible from the Nexus. Some areas cannot be reached directly from the Nexus, meaning that you will need to explore a lot in order to find all of the effects and discover some of the places hidden 'deeper' within the dream world.

Click the doors to find out more about the different areas.

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