Theatre World
"We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep"
Basic Info



WP #13, #15, #136



Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Cutlery World, Square-Square World, Nail World, Galactic Park, Dojo, Spelling Room, Gray Relic World NoEntry, Simple Street NoEntry


hi (main), 985_m_1 (temple)

Map ID

0015, 0741

Theatre World (メルヘンの通路, Meruhen no Tsūro, Fairy Tale Passage) was one of the main areas accessible from the Nexus. It is now accessible from Square-Square World.


The world is filled with props of trees or rocks that are either standing upright or are knocked down and prince and princess peep boards. The background music's tempo changes erratically.

Interacting with the rainbow found in this area will grant you the Rainbow effect.

There's an arch covered with vines that will take you to Cutlery World, as well as a black creature among a few tree props that will teleport you to Square-Square World, if you've visited that world already. The walking mannequin near the moon and stars will transport you to Nail World, and the purple cloud south of the black creature to Square-Square World will take you to the Lavender Temple (意識, Ishiki, Consciousness), where the screen will darken and the music will decrease in speed until finally you reach the Galactic Park. Interacting with the Swordswoman Dwarf or directly entering the tiny door with the Fairy or Child effect will take you to the Dojo, there is a cardboard cutout castle that will serve as your entrance from Gray Relic World, and finally, a rainbow-colored ladder will appear after messing around in the Spelling Room, which will take you to the pit with the eyeball creatures underneath the Spelling Room.


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