• I'm not sure if it's some global Wikia backend update or something else, but recently the wiki header (the one with the logo and the dropdown menus) has been updated, and currently it looks just absolutely terrible. Stuff like that is probably locked from easy editing, so I have to ask here: can we do something about it?

    And just in case it's on my end alone, I'm using Firefox 53, JavaScript and cookies all enabled.

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    • Oh whoa what fresh hell is this. Like why is the name of the wiki visible in plaintext when we have a wordmark that's really stupid looking.

      I've been away for a bit and yeah they've done something. I actually do have a lighter alternate logo with a silver-y gradient that can be used instead atleast, since I originally designed it for a BG colour similar to this; I kinda like the version with the purple gradient alot more though, I feel it looks nicer overall.

      It looks like this is a forced thing, but honestly this might be the one thing wikia has done recently that might not look awful. Anyway itll take me a while to explore the new stuff in the theme designer. I'll fix it up asap though.

      Edit: This has happened because the dropdown bar was this colour in the old theme, and it looks like now this big block is just a single colour, so it used that one.

      Alright so I've temporarily just matched it with the page like it was before, for now. Would people just like it like this (to match the page like it did before), or should I work with the purple?

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    • >Like why is the name of the wiki visible in plaintext when we have a wordmark that's really stupid looking.

      I dunno, I myself love little redundancies like this, they have a certain charm to them.

      Anyway, I think the current look is much better. Perhaps some tinkering with the tint is in order, but the purple one doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

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    • I kind of liked the purple background, I think it was because it made the dropdown boxes stand out more. It might be better to redesign the logo after the purple background? I dunno, I guess the wiki header just looks a little flat to me right now.

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