Town Maze
Town Maze
Dang it! Now how will I get back home?
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Black Building NoReturn, Deserted Town NoReturn, Bottom Garden NoReturn



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The Town Maze (館, Yakata, Mansion) is an area that was once easiest accessible from the highest floor in the Black Building, but all the connections leading here have been removed, making it unreachable as of version 0.103.


The Town Maze was a small, strange area, filled with paths through the buildings and rusted stairways extending over the whole map. Windows, fences, and other pieces of buildings floated seemingly in the middle of the air, and the paths and objects broke, twisted and stopped dead in the air, making an area that was rather hard to navigate. Intangible, despondent- looking NPCs with very long, droopy necks wandered the maze.

Upon entrance from the Black Building, Urotsuki would have entered from the northernmost section of the map. The goal is essentially to reach the southern area, where both of the entrances to the Deserted Town and Bottom Garden were found; as she descended to the south, her position was indicated by the world's shade getting darker and darker. After descending one of the stairways, Urotsuki would have found a chaotic series of paths extending horizontally across the map, filled with dozens of the world's NPCs. A door near the entrance of this section led to the southernmost area of the Deserted Town.

On the other hand, if one explored this horizontally- looping maze, they can find a path that leads to a very long stairwell. At the bottom of this stairwell was a very large building covered with dozens of windows, some of which cut into the walls; this was the southernmost section of the map, where the area was at its darkest. A lone door at the end of this building would lead to a dead-ended section in the Bottom Garden.