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Toy World B

Toy World (滑る世界, Suberu Sekai, Slip World) is one of the main worlds accessible from The Nexus.


Toy World is a fairly large world made of multi-colored Lego blocks. By using the Rainbow effect in the Nexus, you can make the bricks on the Toy World portal change color. There are 2 different parts to this area, an extremely open exterior area accessible upon entrance from The Nexus, and a much denser area inside the toy box which is accessible from the Old Day & Night Towers.

Toy World AEdit

Toy World A is a large, open section of toy world filled with many colorful cubic structures made out of red, blue, and green blocks, reminiscent of Block World from Yume Nikki. Some areas are covered in a slippery purple tiling that slides Urotsuki forward until she steps off the tiles, and in addition many purple cylindrical blocks of several sizes form patterns along the ground; you can walk over the small ones, but the large ones will block your path. Wandering around the world, you will happen upon many benches and vending machines too small to use.

Entering from the nexus will initially place you in the center of a circle of large blocky pillars.

A fair distance to the south of the entrance there is a long yellow railroad that runs across the entire area. Walking along it to the east, you will eventually encounter a series of green block towers, one of which contains a door to a tall room with a long ladder that leads up to the Day & Night Towers. If you chainsaw the creature in the middle of the towers and return to Toy World, it will be infested with Shadow Ladies, which will only go away once you are caught.

There is a plate of cheese at the center of Toy World, surrounded by blue bricks. Eating it will make you shrink, putting Urotsuki into the Giant Area, and eating what remains on the plate while small will make you grow back to normal size. Additionally, there are also two gates in this area made of green bricks, which will take Urotsuki to the Mini Area regardless of her current size.

In addition to changing the size of the world with the cheese, the world will preserve its size upon leaving the area; if you leave through the Nexus portal while it is giant, it will be giant again when you reenter. Despite this, if Urotsuki has the Child effect equipped, she will always be taken to the giant area; on the other hand, if she equips the Stretch effect, she will always be taken to the normal-sized area. This allows her to change the size of the world without even interacting with the cheese.

Giant AreaEdit

The Giant version of Toy World is accessible by eating the shrinking cheese at the bottom of the Main area. It is essentially the same area, but Urotsuki is smaller, allowing her to enter a door found east of the entrance that would normally be impossible to enter otherwise. In addition, you can now use the miniature benches and vending machines seen around the area.

Inside this door is a small hallway, similar in style to the Day & Night Towers. Heading south takes you to the Red Brick Maze, but if you interact with the wall on the east, you can find a door to a small room featuring some bouncing purple cylinders, bouncing in a circle in the center of the room.

Mini AreaEdit

There is an alternate entrance to this world through a painting in the Art Gallery, where you will confront a sane Shadow Lady on a purple circle surrounded by red walls. Like any Shadow Lady, if you attack her with your Chainsaw, she will chase and attack you; if you are caught (Which is actually quite easy to do, as this Shadow Lady is only slightly less slower than Urotsuki, and speeds up if the Bike is equipped), you will be sent to the same area with the bouncing purple cylinders in the path to the Red Brick Maze. The exit, in the wall to the east, is boarded up if you enter this room by getting caught, so you can only exit if you have the Chainsaw effect. Despite this, this is the only Chaser trap in the game that can be escaped without waking up or using the Eyeball Bomb effect.

By traveling on the yellow tracks, you can exit the red walled area. If you entered from one of the two green gates, you will already be outside of this red walled area. Traveling south-east from the exit of the red walled area, you can find a lone blue block, with a special kind of cheese in front of it. Eating it will grow you into a giant, and you will be transported to the Mini-Town.

Toy World BEdit

Toy World B (旧滑る, Kyū suberu, Old Slip) is a more enclosed area made of multicolored Lego blocks, with large slippery purple checkered floors that slide Urotsuki around. (although this can be bypassed with the fairy and spacesuit effects)

Entering from the door on the left side of the old day & night towers leads out onto a pink floored area ontop of the toy box, where Urotsuki's name has been written out in slippery purple tiles.

Near the upper side of the toy box is a room made of blue blocks that leads back to the Old Day & Night Towers, along with a hole in the floor with a ladder in it that leads down into the main part of Toy World B. There is also a set of footprints along the lower side of the toybox that will let Urotsuki jump down into the mini-area with the tic-tac-toe board while she is giant.

Through the hole in the floor, the ladder leads down a large stack of blue blocks into the old version of Toy World, where there are a series of simple sliding floor puzzles for Urotsuki to solve. Down in the lower-right corner of this area there is another plate of cheese that will make Urotsuki shrink, allowing her to access a tiny door at the very top of the area that will take her outside of the toybox to the mini-area.

North of the toy box, Urotsuki will find another purple circle decorated with the numbers on the clock, and a lone sane Shadow Lady near a tic-tac-toe board. If Urotsuki is small, she can fill the tile in front of her with an X by interacting with it; in addition, interacting with the Shadow Lady will cause her to follow you around. If Urotsuki is a giant (If she got here by jumping off the top of the toy box), then she will squish the Shadow Lady upon attempting to interact with her. In addition, she will not be able to reenter the Toy Box, and as such the only way out of the area will be to head east from the clock and run into a plate of special cheese identical to the one in Toy World A, serving as an alternate path to the Mini-Town.

If Toy World has been karmically filled with Shadow Ladies, there will be a stationary shadow woman just southwest of the cheese plate who will become huge when Urotsuki eats the cheese, and will let you sit on her lap if you interact with her instead of catching you.


Nexus → Toy World A

Nexus → Toy World A → Day & Night Towers →Toy World B


  • Before version 0.101b, this area had doors to the Tatami Room and the Mini-Maze, which have since been removed in later versions.
  • Behind one of the miniature benches is a door that would be too small even for mini Urotsuki to enter. It's also hidden behind blocks, and as such there is no indication whatsoever of how one would ever enter it.

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