Trophy Room
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A fairly unassuming room..
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Urotsuki's Dream Apartments, The Nexus



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The Trophy Room (展示室, Tenji Shitsu, Exhibition Room) is a location accessible from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments and The Nexus.


The trophy room is a reasonably sized room in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments, filled with small cushioned pillars. Each pillar has a corresponding effect, and as Urotsuki collects effects, a miniature figure of each effect appears on each one.

This room is used to "drop" effects, by equipping one and then interacting with the corresponding pillar. The effects and the figures are as follows:

  • Bike (Motorcycle) - Bike doing a Wheelie
  • Boy - Blue silhouette of a male bathroom symbol
  • Chainsaw - Chainsaw stuck in the ground
  • Torch (Lantern) - Glass lantern
  • Fairy - Fairy in a green dress
  • Spacesuit - Astronaut in space
  • Glasses - Glasses with a star next to them
  • Rainbow - Rainbow with clouds
  • Wolf - Small figure of a wolf
  • Eyeball Bomb - Small bomb with an eyeball on it
  • Telephone - Little black Telephone
  • Maiko - Doll dressed as a Maiko lady
  • Penguin - Small blue penguin
  • Insect - Green figure resembling a Bug's shell.
  • Spring - A small spring
  • Invisible - Silhouette of Urotsuki
  • Plaster Cast - Stick figure with a sling over one arm
  • Stretch - Tall stick figure
  • Haniwa - Brown haniwa statue
  • Cake - A tasty cake
  • Twintails - Mannequin head wearing a pair of Twintails
  • Child - Short stick figure
  • School Boy (Gakuran) - A small Gakuran cloak
  • Trombone - A Small trombone
  • Tissue - Blue and white box of tissues
  • Red Riding Hood - Red hooded coat
  • Polygon - A Grey cube
  • Marginal - Small figure of Marginal Vivid Worker
  • Teru Teru Bōzu (Paper Doll) - Small paper doll with sun and rain clouds beside it
  • Bat - Small figure of a bat
  • Drums - Black and red oil drum
  • Grave - A Gravestone
  • Crossing - Set of Crossing Lights
  • Bunny Ears (Usamimi) - Small pink rabbit ears

Effects can also quickly be dropped by pressing the shift key, which will instantly drop one's currently equipped effect, even without standing before a pillar. Moreover, holding the interact key will instantly drop and/or pick up every effect the player possesses.


Nexus → Urotsuki's Dream Apartments → Trophy Room