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Lain FileError Example

If you can't read japanese this example error should help.

Despite using RPG Maker 2000, Yume 2kki is a surprisingly complex game. You may run into any number of problems during your journey into Urotsuki's dream world. Here's something to help you find the inevitable construction barrier and/or traffic cone that serves as your reward for exploring.

When reporting a crash, please take a screenshot of any error message that pops. Just hit ALT+PRNT-SCRN, then paste it into MS-Paint or something. Makes it a lot easier for us to tell what's gone horribly wrong.

Also, make sure you're using the latest version of the game, just so we're all on the same page. Furthermore, keep in mind most versions have at least one bugfix patch shortly after release, and be sure to install those patches.

Technical ProblemsEdit

Encoding Problems

Q: Help! My game instantly crashes when I start it and all of the text is replaced with unreadable garbage characters or question marks.
A: If the text isn't showing up correctly, you aren't running the game in Japanese. Either download and run the game through a locale application to simply emulate the correct locale (Applocale for windows xp to 8, or Locale Emulator for windows 10), or alternatively you can change the system locale of your entire computer to Japanese.

Q: The RTP stops at 44% when I try to install it.
A: Same problem as above, caused by the use of non-unicode characters. Remember to extract and run the RTP in Japanese through a locale application (or with the a japanese system locale) or it won't install correctly.

Crashes & Errors

Q: Help! My game crashes and the missing file error pops up.
A: If you're missing non-RTP files it's likely your game download is incomplete or didn't unzip properly. You can either try re-extracting the game files, getting a copy of the missing file and placing it in the appropriate folder (although if one file is missing there's likely a lot more), or you'll unfortunately have to try re-downloading the game archive(s).

Q: Help! My game instantly crashes when I start it, the missing file error pops up, and the error is specifically ファイル システム は開けません.
A: Please install the RPG Maker 2000 RTP. Failing that, see "Q: I installed the RTP and the game still crashes."

Q: Help! My game is crashing at the Sky Kingdom / Forest Carnival / School / Flooded Baths / ↑V↑ mini-game areas.
A: Install the RPG Maker 2000 RTP. Those areas use image assets from the RTP, and missing images cause crashes.

Q:The game crashes when I interact with a painting in the Art Gallery
A: Install the RPG Maker 2000 RTP.

Q: I installed the RTP and the game still crashes.
A: Download this file and unzip it into your ゆめ2っき\ folder, or copy the RTP files directly from C:/program files/ASCII/RPG2000/RTP and paste them into your ゆめ2っき\ folder.

Mechanical Problems

Q: I updated to a newer version and now one (or more) of my Effects are missing.
A: Depending on which version you updated from, the versioning system may confiscate certain effects. You'll have to find those in the dream world again.

Q: The game acts as if I'm holding 'Up' key, even though I'm not. Restarting the game doesn't help.
A: This is an issue that occasionally appears in all RPG Maker games, Yume 2kki is no exception. It seems to be related to the USB keyboards. The only known fix thus far is to shut your PC down, unplug your keyboard, plug it back in and then turn your PC back on. Sometimes, simply rebooting will also help.

Gameplay QuestionsEdit

Gameplay Questions

Q: The book to the Apartments in the Library is missing.
A: You have to enter the Apartments through some other route, such as the Docks, before the book shows up.

Q: The Library is missing a ton of books and Word World isn't there.
A: You disabled text events. Go to Urotsuki's computer while awake, pick "Tools", then "TXT", then choose the first option in the list.

Q: I can't see the giant in Square-Square World.
A: That event is on a timer. Once you're on the pathway and the view is zoomed out, you have roughly 20 seconds to reach the end, so keep walking to the left without stopping. If you stop moving for even an instant, you will not reach the end in time.

Q: The UFO event at the apartments is not triggering.
A: You cannot trigger the event from the apartments; you have to take the teleporter in Elvis Masada's Place. The teleporter has a 1 in 4 chance of triggering the event, so you may need to go through it multiple times. Also, the small glowing light that moves back and forth in the crosswalk is not the UFO. The UFO looks like this.

Q: I keep looking at the moon in the Eyeball Archives, but the rabbit ears NPC isn't showing up.
A: You're standing on his spawn point, which is front and center. Move to either side and look at the moon again.

Gameplay bugs

Q: I'm playing this here mini-game and now all of a sudden Urotsuki's there and oh god it's happening again
A: Version 0.100b bestowed upon Urotsuki the ability to sit down in her bedroom in the waking world. Unfortunately, she can apparently manifest this ability in the console games, causing really strange results. A patch may or may not be in the pipeline, but in the meantime, try to avoid holding the "Z" key during a mini-game.

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