Twintail Monster
Location Broken Faces Area
Role None (Former Effect giver)
Size Standard
Killable No (only seen with Glasses / Twintails effects)

The Twintail Monster is an NPC that is well hidden in the Broken Faces Area, and is only visible when using the Glasses or Twintails effects.

The Twintail monster can be found in the Broken Faces Area, near the area where Marginal Vivid Worker and Surimuki are located. Using the Glasses or Twintails effects near them will make the Twintail Monster appear.


  • The Twintail Monster used to be found in Heart World, where you could interact with it to receive the Twintail effect in old versions of Yume 2kki.
  • When using the Twintails/Glasses combo effect in the Mask Shop and buying a mask, Urotsuki will turn into the Twintail Monster.

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