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Urban Street Area
Basic Info





Japanese Turntables

Notable NPCS

Dead Figure

Connecting Areas

Flying Fish World, Space NoEntry



The Urban Street Area (市街地, Shigaichi, Urban Area) is a small area accessible from Flying Fish World by interacting with the white portal.


When you first enter this area, the only things you will see are a black eyeball creature oozing blue liquid and a photographic background of the Japanese city Kanazawa in the 70's. However, if you use the Fairy effect here, a purple character (the same one that gives you the Stretch effect) will fall down and hit the floor behind you and a pair of turntables will appear. Shadows of people walking around may also appear at random moments.

If you press the interact key at the turntables, a hip hop-like beat will start to play. By pressing different keys, you can add other beats on top of it. When you do this, the screen will also change color and pictures of Japanese maps will flash up on the screen.


Nexus → Geometry WorldDark MuseumFlying Fish World → Urban Street Area

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