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  • Bullet731108

    I'm baaaack

    September 15, 2017 by Bullet731108

    Hello all. I've been on a long hiatus to basically sort my life out, but now I feel like I can contribute again to my dear-adopted wiki. So...what's been going on lately? Is the site layout and Urotsuki theme still working for everyone, or does it need a drastic change? Any articles that majorly need updating or making? Fill me in with your issues and I'll try to get them sorted.

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  • Bullet731108

    Adopting the Wiki

    February 9, 2013 by Bullet731108

    I have applied to adopt the Yume 2kki Wiki, since Haruhi appears to be gone for good, and some drastic alterations need to be made from a higher up position. I'd like to ask everyone what it is they'd like changing if I do get an admin position. This can range from pages you'd like to see, wikia theme ideas and pages you don't think we need anymore.

    So, everybody; what do you think should happen?

    Major Update: My request followed through and I am now officially an admin! I'll get to work right away, and remember that if you have any suggestions for the wiki or contributions to the theme, just let me know.

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  • Bullet731108

    Renaming Articles

    January 3, 2013 by Bullet731108

    What would people think if we changed all the current names of the locations to the translated Japanese names? Do you think it would be easier to keep the translation differences small between the Japanese wiki and this wiki's location names, or would it be easier to stick with the names that everyone (on Uboachan, at least) is already familiar with? 

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