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  • IggyAndPkmn

    I've been wanting to try .flow again as the last time I played it it was a pretty dated version. Anyone know what the newest translated version of .flow is?

    The .flow wiki says it has the english version of both 0.15 and 0.17, but the link to 0.15 no longer works and the 0.17 one is in japanese.

    I know there's an english version of 0.15 somewhere, I just can't find it. Of course, if there's no real difference between the english and japanese version, maybe I should just go with the newest, untranslated one?

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  • IggyAndPkmn

    My file deleted?

    July 19, 2012 by IggyAndPkmn

    Alright, I'm not sure if anybody's actually going to read this, but I have no idea where else to put it.

    So today, when I opened up my Yume 2kki game my save file was deleted! What the heck? ...I tried to think back on anything I might have been doing that was sort of 'out of the ordinary', but nothing I thought of seemed to be bad enough to DELETE an entire file. Is there any way to get it back? (I'm guessing no.)

    Last time I was playing it, I was trying to find a way to make the screen smaller so I could take pictures. I did find a way by using Alt+Enter, but I did that a few times so maybe I corrupted the file or something?? I had also just obtained the bat effect and was messing with it by flying through walls and stuff, so I wouldn't be…

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