Alright, I'm not sure if anybody's actually going to read this, but I have no idea where else to put it.

So today, when I opened up my Yume 2kki game my save file was deleted! What the heck? ...I tried to think back on anything I might have been doing that was sort of 'out of the ordinary', but nothing I thought of seemed to be bad enough to DELETE an entire file. Is there any way to get it back? (I'm guessing no.)

Last time I was playing it, I was trying to find a way to make the screen smaller so I could take pictures. I did find a way by using Alt+Enter, but I did that a few times so maybe I corrupted the file or something?? I had also just obtained the bat effect and was messing with it by flying through walls and stuff, so I wouldn't be surprised if that screwed anything up. I was also kind of messing with a picture (in the panorama folder I think, it was a picture with the word "debug" in the title) I believe I had accidentally moved it somewhere else in my computer when trying to make a copy of it, so I had to find it and move it back...I donno if that messed with the save file or anything. Or maybe I just accidentally turned off my computer while the game was still on? :|

I just want to know if anyone knows what would cause files to be deleted, that way I can avoid doing whatever is in the future.