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  • LainIwakura

    Yep. Things happened and now theres a wordmark we could potentially replace the plain yume 2kki wiki text next to the navbar with.

    I'd like to see what people think of it before just sticking it up there, so go ahead and say if you think it's better/worse than the plain arial the navbar is currently rocking.  :)

    (I'd hope the design looks ok :x)

    Edit: and it looks like bullet's put it up before I could, I guess it wasnt too bad then ;P

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  • LainIwakura

    Is it just me or is the wiki wider than it should be / used to be?

    It looks like the main page has been changed to a 3-column style instead of a 2-column one for some reason, making the navigation buttons all move offcenter and out-of-place. :s

    Or maybe it was just stretched out, it looks the same on all the other wikis ive looked at though, so it probably happened to all of wikia

    The main page looks super weird now.


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