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  • TamayoMeri

    So my super exciting lifestyle of being IRL Urotsuki and also being internet Urotsuki has failed to entwine within itself and basically I haven't played Y2kki in MONTHS

    I'm trying to think what the last release I played was. Might've been .101a or something. That's the best I can remember. 

    My question to others is - is there a comprehensive list of changes available anywhere (i.e. per version)? I noticed there's a lot of new content but I doubt I'll be able to go through it all & to help out if I can't even figure out where the new stuff is. I heard that the library with the books went through another phase of being added/unadded so if there's translation that's needed to be done I can do that. 

    Otherwise what's up. College is kicking my ass a…

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  • TamayoMeri

    Like it's-- it's hard to navigate. Let's just start with that. 

    The front page does a lot, but we should do a little bit of organization in terms of... like, locations - 

    The dropdown menu, I mean. Hold on. Give me a minute to organize my thoughts. 

    It should be more than just "On the Wiki" "Popular Pages" "Community". Let's make our wiki more navigable even if the game we write for is... hell to navigate. 

    For instance, I'm more than happy to make a category hub page for locations and then have that be a dropdown -- i.e. "Gameplay"

    In the "Gameplay" dropdown there'd be something like this: 

    • Effects
    • Locations/Dream Worlds (expand the page, probably)
    • Maps
    • Events
    • Endings
    • Wallpaper Guide
    • Kura Puzzle Guide

    And that could be an example of like, the second d…

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  • TamayoMeri

    GALAXY maps update

    February 2, 2015 by TamayoMeri

    Okay, we really need to get a move on with the articles for the new GALAXY maps. 

    Deciding on a name, etc. ... My guess is just "Galaxy town" or something. It's an average town. 

    Second, I'm currently trying to work out how to get the アイドル/Idol effect, because it's listed in the item database and has a switch. So far I'm having 0 luck actually finding where you get the idol effect, since it doesn't seem like the actual area with the idols give it to you. 

    The other thing is it might not even be accessible in this version, even if it's almost entirely in the files right now. If you have all the effects from the previous versions minus idol, your PC will say "Effect: 100%". 

    Anyways, we need to make a page soon. There's too much stuff in the GAL…

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  • TamayoMeri

    YNFG wiki is on to us

    January 26, 2015 by TamayoMeri

    I didn't notice this until today but if you hover over the buttons at the top of the YNFG wiki, you get messages about each of the main 3 wikis. 

    Here's ours.

    Here's the .flow wiki's:

    ...and here's their commentary for the YN Wiki:

    If I could say something like that about the YNFG Wiki... "Where bad fangames sit down and have a drink together". 

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  • TamayoMeri

    Wishful thinking

    January 16, 2015 by TamayoMeri

    You heard me!! Stuff you'd like to see in updates, or in one big update. 

    To be honest, my favorite part of any fangame is collecting effects. I don't event-hunt as much as I effect-hunt, and I love the effect-mixing aspect of Y2kki. 

    So if I was to ask the production team for one thing to be released in another version, like, .103 nonbugfix-y type ... stuff... I'd ask for a whole load of new effects to hunt down. Like, especially some from the original planned set. Oh, and twintails punch to be included. Maybe more outfits in the Dressing Room (get on it Zenmaigahara!!!).

    What would you ask for if you could have one thing? 

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