Like it's-- it's hard to navigate. Let's just start with that. 

The front page does a lot, but we should do a little bit of organization in terms of... like, locations - 

The dropdown menu, I mean. Hold on. Give me a minute to organize my thoughts. 

It should be more than just "On the Wiki" "Popular Pages" "Community". Let's make our wiki more navigable even if the game we write for is... hell to navigate. 

For instance, I'm more than happy to make a category hub page for locations and then have that be a dropdown -- i.e. "Gameplay"

In the "Gameplay" dropdown there'd be something like this: 

  • Effects
  • Locations/Dream Worlds (expand the page, probably)
  • Maps
  • Events
  • Endings
  • Wallpaper Guide
  • Kura Puzzle Guide

And that could be an example of like, the second dropdown, the first one being "Setup" 

  • Downloads
  • Installation Instructions

Then after "Setup" "Gameplay" "World of 2kki"

  • Urotsuki
  • Minor Characters
  • Soundtrack
  • etc.

Then the Wiki stuff, like blog posts in the drop down, wiki activity, etc. 

How does that sound? I think a rehaul is necessary at that point. I'm more than willing to start working on Location mapping & organizing when it comes to that since it relates to the Dream Worlds page. 

The only problem is that I don't have the ability to edit the top dropdown bars of the Wiki. :/