Okay, we really need to get a move on with the articles for the new GALAXY maps. 

Deciding on a name, etc. ... My guess is just "Galaxy town" or something. It's an average town. 

Second, I'm currently trying to work out how to get the アイドル/Idol effect, because it's listed in the item database and has a switch. So far I'm having 0 luck actually finding where you get the idol effect, since it doesn't seem like the actual area with the idols give it to you. 

The other thing is it might not even be accessible in this version, even if it's almost entirely in the files right now. If you have all the effects from the previous versions minus idol, your PC will say "Effect: 100%". 

Anyways, we need to make a page soon. There's too much stuff in the GALAXY maps, including a teleport minihub that takes you to the Dark Museum, the Exhibition, and Heart World from the GALAXY rave hub, and all the other extra stuff you can do that needs documentation. 

For now let's think of a name, then we'll organize, I suppose.