Okay, so it seems like every single update there is I'm missing files. 空、闇空、... okay that last one really is just "dark sky" because I can't read the kanji in the actual file, but it seems like since this is such a prevalent problem we ought to make a page for the missing files, if no documentation actually exists. I know I had to go on uboachan the first time I got Y2kki running to get the files because I was so confused. 

update because it's 2:20 AM when I'm writing this: I looked at the Installation Instructions page and even still it doesn't specify which files you're missing or what they look like. Should we include those in a gallery on the page, perhaps? Maybe a 'General Installation Errors' page/subhead too since majority of error-fixes are done and talked about in-comments, along with pictures of said error messages. 

I'm tired, I need to sleep... zzz

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