Okay so it's 12:32 AM and hopefully I don't misspell anything. 

So I've been thinking about the navigational ability in 2kki- which is really vital, because you can get lost and end up lost so easily and we have maps upon maps upon maps to help people (which reminds me, I really need to get on making more maps because of this) navigate the worlds within 2kki for the optimal experience (i.e. being able to experience events, etc.) 

On the wiki itself while trying to memorize literally every connection I can think of (hey I take pride in it) from world-to-world I notice that the "(one way)" parenthesis is a little... vague, somewhat. I've learned that it means you can only get to an area from that one linked area one-way (i.e. there's no return), but for newcomers to the wiki that's not specified. Should that be clarified with a re-classification of one-way and no-return type teleport events? What do you all think? 

If the workload is a concern, don't worry about it, I can handle it myself. (I just have to install .100e and go through worlds again; and it's only been a few days, right? I go through 2kki in RPGM2003 each new update as typical.) 

So again, what do you think about this? Is it necessary, not necessary, should it be clarified someplace, etc.? 

TamayoMeri (talk) 05:36, February 23, 2014 (UTC)

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