So my super exciting lifestyle of being IRL Urotsuki and also being internet Urotsuki has failed to entwine within itself and basically I haven't played Y2kki in MONTHS

I'm trying to think what the last release I played was. Might've been .101a or something. That's the best I can remember. 

My question to others is - is there a comprehensive list of changes available anywhere (i.e. per version)? I noticed there's a lot of new content but I doubt I'll be able to go through it all & to help out if I can't even figure out where the new stuff is. I heard that the library with the books went through another phase of being added/unadded so if there's translation that's needed to be done I can do that. 

Otherwise what's up. College is kicking my ass and so is being sick all the time. I might have strep. Not sure yet. 

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