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  • I live in Brasil
  • I was born on January 7
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  • I am Feminina
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    A new Ending?

    May 19, 2018 by Touhou Shoujo

    The Ending #--- has two ways of doing it, but I never knew about that. I just leaved the room, because I was tired of always being forced to enter it whenever I listened to the soundtrack on Urotsuki's computer and the song changed (lol). Everything was normal, the room and the phonograph was the same. But when the credits ended, the room got all old and rusty, and the phonograph changed to a vinyl player. A ghostly-like Urotsuki came out of the bed, and leaved the room. Then a black bar slowly slided at the bottom of the screen, and the message "ED No.¨¨¨ and something in Japanese" appeared. On the Endings page, there's a explanation on the #--- part where it says about the song on the phonograph changing to a piano one instead of the mus…

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  • Touhou Shoujo

    Well, I don't know if this just happens to me, but when I download Yume 2kki (doesn't matter the version), some maps simply makes the game crash. So I had an idea! I have Yume 2kki 0.100a and this version have all the parallaxes, 'cause it's really old and stuff... So I copied all the parallaxes and pasted in the Panorama folder on the 0.104g version. Now everything works!

    I've made a video to help people with the same problem, and I've made a link to download this "uncrashable" version:

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