Valentine Land
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Connecting Areas

Elvis Masada's Place, Sign World, Scenic Outlook NoReturn, Heart World, Cyber Maze


heart beat (Main), bgm8 (Bug Statue Room)

Valentine Land (ハート世界, Hāto Sekai, Heart World) is an area accessible from Elvis Masada's Place, Sign World, and Heart World.


The world is rather simplistic in its design, having a few blood splatters, hearts with faces and odd tentacles as the scenery. It also bears some resemblance to Heart World. There are also a number of brown, bug-like creatures in this area, and there are a couple of people with hearts for heads running around.

There is a plus sign shape in this area formed out of some small versions of the tentacles. If you go into the middle of it, you will be transported to the multicolored scribble area of the Scenic Outlook. Touching the pillar on your right will teleport you to an area with a bug effect statue, interact with it and you'll be teleported multiple times until you'll be in a black and white area with an Urotsuki "statue" in front of you. Interacting with it will make you wake up in the real world.

If you go into the stone entrance and down the hall, you will be transported to Sign World, and if you touch the pink creature in the spinning yellow bowl, you will be transported to Elvis Masada's Place. Interacting with the walking pink heart will transport you to Cyber Maze, and interacting with the book with a beating heart on it will transport you to Heart World.


Nexus → Heart World → Valentine Land

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