Vase World
Vase World
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Chaos World, Hand Fields, Burial Desert


kko_Anon, 心の呼び愛_Anon (Interior & Path)

Vase World (花瓶, Kabin, Vase) is an area accessible from Chaos World


Vase world, as its name implies, is mostly filled with large vases containing strange bioluminescent plants.

Initially the area is mostly empty, save for the ponytailed NPC who will take you back to Chaos World if you interact with them. Equipping the Bug effect will make the NPC transform into a green creature with tentacles for legs, and chainsawing them will make them transform permanently into a blue squid-like creature.

Interacting with the NPC once squid-ified will invert the color scheme of the vases and make an empty vase with a doorway in it appear in the center of the area, which will take you to the Vase Interior. (裏花瓶, Ura Kabin, Behind/Under the Vase)

Vase InteriorEdit

While Vase World was fairly benign, the Vase Interior is quite sinister in appearance. Blood, gore and broken pottery litter the area, which is inhabited by a large number of one-eyed knights in blue and yellow armor, along with a single fleshy pink NPC.

Equipping the Chainsaw or wolf effects near the pink NPC will make it bare a set of monstrous fangs and slowly run away from you, and interacting with it with the bat effect equipped will take you to the Hand Fields.

Additionally, among the cyclops knights in this area is a lone knight with 2 red eyes, who will spin around wildly if you equip the Grave, Child or Plaster Cast effects, or use the crossing effect. If you equip the eyeball bomb effect, it will move towards you and teleport you to the Vase Path (花瓶道, Kabin michi) if you interact with it.

Vase PathEdit

A little more overgrown than the interior, the Vase Path is a much larger scrolling area with alot more plant life. Strange curly plants can be found growing here in loose formations, and many of the vases in this area are filled with bioluminescent plants.

Entering from the Vase Interior will put you infront of 2 black & white vases.

Just northwest of the 2 vases is a large formation of plants that leads up to a vase with a doorway in it that will take you back to the Vase Interior, and directly to the west of them is another vase with a doorway surrounded by broken pottery and debris that will take you to the Burial Desert.


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