Vending Machines are usable objects scattered around many areas, giving out various drinks in return for money. They are currently one of the only uses for money in the game, providing no real benefit to the user.


There are various types and designs of vending machine to be found throughout Yume 2kki. The most common is the standard red vending machine, found throughout most worlds and areas. All vending machines across all worlds are listed below.


Drinks from vending machines come in many colors and shapes. Each drink costs 100夢.

  • Soda

Sodas come in three varieties: lime, cherry and blue. They add 1 heart to Urotsuki's total.

  • Milk

Milk is available in chocolate, plain and full cream (whole). It does not give out any hearts.

  • Expired Soda

Expired Sodas come in a the same colors as normal soda. After drinking one, the screen will flash green, and Urotsuki will pass out. They take away 1 heart.

Vending Machine ListEdit

Image Location Comments
Jihanki mushroom world Mushroom World This vending machine is broken and will take your money(10夢) without dispensing anything. To add insult to injury, it laughs at you afterwards. Since the front glass of the machine is cracked, it appears that Urotsuki was not the first customer to be ripped off...
Jihanki forest world 1 Forest World This is an unique vending machine, which is white with teal stripes.
Jihanki forest world 2 Forest World (Shadow Woman Forest) This vending machine does not actually work and just makes a buzzing sound.
Jihanki hospital Hospital
Jihanki dark room Dark Room
Jihanki apartments oldver
Apartments(before ver 0.103i)
Jihanki apartments Apartments
Jihanki sky kingdom oldver
Sky Kingdom(before ver 0.103i)
Jihanki sky kingdom
Sky Kingdom
Jihanki black building Black Building
Jihanki flooded baths Flooded Baths This vending machine looks similar to the most common red ones, but is actually slightly taller.
Jihanki french street
French Street This vending machine looks similar to the most common red ones, but is actually slightly taller.
Jihanki river road River Road
Jihanki highway 1 Highway
Jihanki highway 2 Highway
Jihanki highway 3 Highway
Jihanki highway 4
Jihanki stone world Stone World This appears to be a regular red vending machine but it actually sells expired drinks.
Jihanki boogie street Boogie Street This unique vending machine is similar to the one in Forest World (white with a blue tear design).
Jihanki galaxy town 1 GALAXY Town This is an unique vending machine that uses the style of GALAXY Town.
Jihanki galaxy town 2 GALAXY Town This vending machine is found inside the factory.
Jihanki laboratory Laboratory
Jihanki baddies bar The Baddies Bar
Jihanki cocktail lounge Cocktail Lounge
Jihanki bathhouse Bathhouse This is an unique white vending machine that sells milk. This is the only one of its kind in the game, and is initially empty. Upon entering and coming back out of the baths, the machine will be restocked.
Jihanki rapeseed fields Rapeseed Fields
Jihanki constellation world
Constellation World
Jihanki sugar world Sugar World This is an unique vending machine. 4 differently colored hearts can be seen through the glass in addition to what appear to be sodas.
Jihanki maple shrine Maple Shrine This is an unique vending machine that only dispenses green tea. This is currently the only reachable vending machine that can become unreachable since, after completing the Maple Shrine maze, the maze that contains it is skipped.
Jihanki atlantis Atlantis
Jihanki sunken city Sunken City
Jihanki galactic park
Galactic Park These are an unique type of vending machines with light blue body(with a small crack on it) and yellow glass, and also what seem to be a teal eye for each of them. You can find several of them in this area.
Jihanki scorched wasteland
Scorched Wasteland This vending machine is badly broken and also seems to be slightly rusted. It only sells empty cans which grant no hearts(of course, because they're empty) for 10夢.
Jihanki scorched wasteland 2
Scorched Wasteland(The Ash Settlement) This vending machine looks almost same as the one above except darker and covered in ash. It also sells nothing but empty cans.
Jihanki sea sponge path Sea Sponge Path This is an unique vending machine with a teal body and yellow glass.
Jihanki forest pier
Forest Pier This vending machine looks just like the most common red ones, but has a special event.

Instead of just getting a random drink(or an object) and a heart, Uro holds a red soda can in her hands.You must sit on the bench near the vending machine and press Z key to drink it, and then go to the trash bin to throw it away. (After this you get 1 heart.)

Jihanki neon city Neon City This is an unique vending machine that matches the appearance of the Neon City.
Jihanki hidden shoal Hidden Shoal This is a tall, white vending machine that is partially submerged in water. It resembles the one found in Depths.
Jihanki deserted town 1 Deserted Town This is an unique vending machine that looks the same as a red vending machine except gray, presumably because it is old.
Jihanki deserted town 2 Deserted Town
Jihanki deserted town 3
Deserted Town(Secret garden)
Jihanki town maze 1 Town Maze Since the Town Maze is currently unreachable as of 0.103, this vending machine is currently not accessible unless the event at coordinates 158,230 in the Deserted Town map (MAP0530) is manually edited with RPG Maker 2000 by deleting the 2nd event page which disables the door.
Jihanki town maze 2 Town Maze (See above)
Jihanki bottom garden Bottom Garden This is an unique vending machine that has flowering vines growing on it.
Jihanki mansion Mansion
Jihanki industrial maze Industrial Maze
Jihanki radiant ruins Radiant Ruins
Jihanki chaotic buildings Chaotic Buildings
Jihanki pillars world Pillars World
Jihanki abandoned apartments 1 Abandoned Apartments
Jihanki abandoned apartments 2 Abandoned Apartments
Jihanki abandoned apartments 3 Abandoned Apartments
Jihanki victorian drains Victorian Drains This is an unique vending machine. It is small and red-orange with the same style as the vending machines found in Abandoned Apartments. It is found in the abandoned park near the entrance to the Neon Aquatic Cavern.
Jihanki old train station
Old Train Station This vending machine looks somewhat similar to the blue one found in the Deserted Town
Jihanki cosmic world Cosmic World This is an unique vending machine that matches the style of the Cosmic World. Like its surroundings, it flashes between red and blue to the rhythm of the background music.
Jihanki depths Depths This is a tall, white vending machine that is partially submerged in water. It resembles the one found in the Hidden Shoal.