This is a WIP page!

As Yume 2kki is incomplete, the content within the game is subject to change due to additions and revisions in each update.

This page lists changes to the game across each version released.

Version 0.105Edit

Ver 0.105eEdit


Contributing Authors: 985
  • The Lavender Temple (意識) area was added (connected to Theatre World)
  • The Galactic Park (虚空) area was added (connected to the Lavender Temple)

Ver 0.105dEdit


Contributing Authors: Anon
  • The "Vase Path" (花瓶道) area was added (connected to Vase World)
  • The Buried City (水葬都市) area was added (connected to the Sunken City)
  • A "Burial Desert" (地葬砂漠) area was added (connected to the Vase Path)
  • The tileset for Vase World was improved.

Ver 0.105cEdit

CloudTopsEntranceCeleus lit

Contributing Authors: Spelude
  • 3 tracks were added to the new Music room. (349 total)
  • 6 new books were added to the Library.
  • The "Air" (空中, Kūchū) area was added (connected to the Cloud Floor)
  • The "Egg" (たまご, Tamago) area was added (connected to Blue Orb World)
  • The "Celeus" (ケレウス, Kereusu) area was added (connected to Chaos World)

Ver 0.105bEdit

Contributing Authors: Spelude
  • The Hand Fields (手, Te) area was added (connected to the Intestines Maze)
  • The "Splash" (飛沫, Shibuki) area was added (Connected to the Fantasy Library)
  • 3 tracks were added to the new Music room. (346 total)

Ver 0.105aEdit

Wavyup Yume 2kki Progress 0.105a music

Contributing Authors: <?>
  • 143 tracks were added to the new Music room. (343 total)
  • An option for Random playback was added to the new Music room.
  • An option for Memory playback was added to the new Music room.

Ver 0.105Edit

Vase WorldBlue Orb World

Contributing Authors: Spelude

Version 0.104Edit

Ver 0.104iEdit

Contributing Authors: <?>
  • The Chaos World (混沌, Konton) area was added (Connected to the Cloud Floor)
  • The "Picture Book" (絵本, Ehon) area was added (connected to the Butterfly Forest)
  • Various tracks in the Music Room that did not play at the correct speed were fixed.

Ver 0.104hEdit

Wavyup Yume 2kki Progress 0.105a music

Contributing Authors: <?>
  • The Music room's interface was replaced with a new grid-based system.
  • An event was added that will trigger if you wake up after killing too many NPCs.

Ver 0.104gEdit

Ver 0.104fEdit

Ver 0.104eEdit

Ver 0.104dEdit

Ver 0.104cEdit

Contributing Authors: Spelude

Ver 0.104bEdit


Contributing Authors: natl

Ver 0.104aEdit


Contributing Authors: <?>

Ver 0.104Edit


Contributing Authors: natl

Version 0.103Edit

Ver 0.103iEdit

SkykElvis Masadas Place
BluehouseFairytale woods spider

Contributing Authors: Oudn
  • The interior of the UFO is no longer accessible. (though you can still use it to reach other areas)
  • The appearance of many of Oudn's areas has changed significantly along with the appearance of the insect effect.

Ver 0.103hEdit


Contributing Authors: Spelude

Ver 0.103gEdit

Contributing Authors: Gシーカー
  • The "Dream Bank" (夢銀行, Yume ginkō) area was added (connected to the Cyber Maze).

Ver 0.103fEdit


Contributing Authors: Spelude

Ver 0.103eEdit

Contributing Authors: Yeris

Ver 0.103dEdit

Contributing Authors: Spelude

Ver 0.103cEdit

Contributing Authors: Spelude

Ver 0.103bEdit


Contributing Authors: Yeris

Ver 0.103aEdit

Contributing Authors: Ca

Ver 0.103Edit

Contributing Authors: Yeris

Version 0.102Edit

Ver 0.102iEdit

Contributing Authors: 185 Go

Ver 0.102hEdit

Contributing Authors: Mike

Ver 0.102gEdit

Contributing Authors: 710

Ver 0.102fEdit

Contributing Authors: Kuraud

Ver 0.102eEdit

Contributing Authors: Mosenite

Ver 0.102dEdit

Contributing Authors: GALAXY

Ver 0.102cEdit

Contributing Authors: GALAXY

Ver 0.102bEdit

Contributing Authors: Yeris

Ver 0.102aEdit

Contributing Authors: Mugen (Fantasy)

Ver 0.102Edit

Contributing Authors: 185 Go

Version 0.101Edit

Version 0.101iEdit


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