Outside Warehouse
an abandoned warehouse for making props
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Connecting Areas

Grass World, Nail World, Binary World NoReturn


sound3d (Exterior), sound3e (Interior)

The Warehouse (施設, Shisetsu, Facility) is an area accessible from the Red Nail Passage by interacting with the three bloody nails outside of the nail path.


Outside AreaEdit

The outside area contains some wooden statues, laid-down arches with black trash bags, rectangular arches, and the Warehouse, a very large building. From the outside, is possible to see a rotating triangle on the rooftop of the Warehouse. The Warehouse is northwest from the Red Nail Passage.

Inside Warehouse Area

Urotsuki in the Warehouse

Inside AreaEdit

The inside of the warehouse is a dark, lonely area, filled with typical warehouse/factory equipment. In the entrance hall you can find a laptop. Interacting with it may cause it to start up and show you a bluescreen shortly after, which will make you dive into Binary World. Entering the doors takes you to different rooms, some of them have lots of boxes, and some are blocked with wall glass. There are four floors in the warehouse that you can access through the stairways. At the top floor there is a white doorway, where you'll find yourself on the roof with the triangle. By interacting with it, you'll get the Polygon effect. Interestingly, if you use the Chainsaw on it, you'll hear a scream but there won't be any blood. Its sprite changes to a box-shaped thing briefly before fading away. There's another passageway that leads you down previously inaccessible rooms, until you reach a small dirt path with a four-leafed clover. This leads to Grass World.


Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldGray RoadGrass World → Warehouse


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