Wilderness 1
The entrance from the Head Wasteland
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Green Stone

Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Head Wasteland, Hourglass Desert



The Wilderness (異世界, I Sekai, Different World) is an area that can be accessed from the Head Wasteland by traveling through the open eyeball UFO and up the staircase. It is named after the Wilderness area in Yume Nikki due to the similarities in the shape of the growths that dot the area and because of the atmosphere of emptiness that both environments share.


The ground of this world is a brick red color and has strange tentacle-like objects coming up from it. There is a yellow-green stone that resembles a sea sponge which when interacted with changes the tentacles to straight, neon yellow poles with the same yellow-green stones on top. In one version of Yume 2kki, a small supernova can be found on the ground. If you walk onto it, you get transported to the Pyramid Maze in the Hourglass Desert.


Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldRed CityHead Wasteland → Wilderness


  • There has been speculation that this area is another planet, considering that you have to enter the eyeball UFO to get there. There is also speculation that the connections between this world is a reference to the movie "Stargate", as the route you take from the UFO leads you to the Pyramid Maze.
  • The curled plants here are identical to those on the Ocean Floor .

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