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About Yume 2kki

Yume 2kki (ゆめ2っき) is the fanmade "sequel" to the popular RPG maker game, Yume Nikki. In this game, you play as a young girl named Urotsuki and explore your dreams, much like Yume Nikki. The goal of the game is to collect the Effects scattered throughout the dream worlds, which is also similar to its predecessor. However, Yume 2kki is far larger than its prequel and is still growing, as it is currently under development (it's fully functional despite this fact); the purpose of this Wiki is to provide you with assistance should you get lost or cannot find a certain effect, or to entertain those that are curious about the many different characters and locations of Yume 2kki.

New players are advised to play as much of the game as they can manage before consulting this wiki, as spoilers are included.

Gameplay Controls

Arrow buttons - Move Urotsuki/Select Effect

Z/Space Bar - Use Effect/Interact/Bring up Mini-Maze Map

X/Esc - Bring Up Menu/Exit Menu

Shift - Open up effects menu with thumbnails

Contribute To The Wiki

As this game is incomplete, information on this Wiki is subject to change as the game itself may change during development. Please help keep this Wikia accurate and up-to-date!

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    Comment: I just discovered a glitch in version 0.101h where you can use an effect in Urotsuki's real room. Requirements:Chainsaw effect and proper timing....
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    Comment: It's a show picture event, so that means it appears instantly once you enter the map, which is also the reason why you can walk through it
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    Comment: They already have foreigners in their team (one Taiwanese and one Korean, as far as I know), and it is stated in the Japanese homepage of the game...
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    Comment: If your japanese is good enough I doubt they do "ethnicity checks" or anything. But I have no idea how they go about sharing in the first place, so.
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    Comment: It's likely not actually a reference, all characters are fan-named. someone just named her that because they look similar

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