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Yume Nikki is a free game made in RPG Maker 2003. It first launched on June 26, 2004 under version 0.00. The latest version is 0.10, which came out on October 1st, 2007. The game hasn't been updated since then. It was made by mysterious Japanese developer KIKIYAMA. The game became so popular to the point where a fanbase followed and made countless fangames, such as Yume 2kki. For more information, please see the Yume Nikki Wiki.


In this game, you play as a girl named Madotsuki who lives in a normal room. But once you go to bed, you get to explore the dream worlds, in search of 24 "effects". The controls are simple:

  • Arrow keys to move.
  • Action key to interact.
  • 1 key to use an effect.
  • 5 key to drop an effect (only in The Nexus).
  • 9 key to pinch yourself awake.
  • 0 or X key to open up the menu.

The gameplay of the game itself is similar to that of Yume 2kki's, you explore the different dream worlds, some ominous, some cheery.


Yume Nikki v0.10Edit

References in Yume 2kkiEdit

Yume 2kki is one of the most popular fangames out there, alongside Me, .flow, Yume Nisshi, Yume Graffiti, Fleshchild, and others. Since Yume 2kki is also the supposed "sequel" to Yume Nikki, it has a lot of references to the original game. Here's some examples.

  • The Shield Owl World greatly resembles the Shield Folk World from Yume Nikki respectfully.
  • In the Sky Kingdom, there is an NPC that looks a lot like the infamous Uboa from Yume Nikki, nicknamed Dogboa.
  • It's possible that Marijuana Goddess World was in-part inspired by the Graffiti World because of the different tiles that make noises when you step on them.
  • One of the screens in the TV room in the lower-section of the Highway is an Aztec creature that greatly resembles the Aztec Rave Monkey. The same creature appears in the parallax background of the Shield Owl World.
  • There is a NPC in Pillars World that mirrors Onsen-San.
  • There's a random chance in the Neon City you might stumble across It Came From Behind, a red character that floats across the screen for about three seconds while making a noise, in a similar manner to Takofuusen.
  • The Neon City itself is visually similar to the Neon World.
  • You could say the Dark Forest is reminiscent of the The Dense Woods.

References in Yume 2kkiEdit

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